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We bake. We paint. We ferment. Our casa fosters opportunities for dialogue and exciting new impulses.

Seeking to create a community for artists and guests, CASA LAWA provides a dynamic and unique stay that is shaped by those who visit.

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with vilda
 07-10 september 

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upcoming residencies in 2023

31 july - 14 august 

I’m Kavita, California born but Mediterranean at heart. I started p.aradiso 7 years ago with an infatuation of creating beautiful dinners with elements of design, art and music. I’ve dedicated all my time in bringing people around a table to enjoy simple, seasonal food in unconventional spaces. My cuisine is rooted in the Mediterranean but has strong elements of my Latin heritage. Fusing different cultures and traditional cooking methods with fresh playful eyes is exactly how I love to cook. I love to attend to every detail of a dinner. The linens, candles, music, scents  — every element is thought out to create an absolutely wonderful meal.

CASA LAWA brings me back to Sicilia and revisit all of the beautiful produce and landscapes, and have the time to play and enjoy this creative space.

14-28 august 

Since I've realised that cooking is my passion, I have worked in kitchens as well as a bakery. This year I decided to finally get a professional education in this area so I applied for the Diploma in Plant Based Culinary Arts in Le Cordon Bleu London. I have been vegan for the past 7 years, but plant-based food can often be seen as unattractive, flavourless and boring. For me, cooking is an expression of myself and my gratitude for people who sit around the table. Eating can be an incredible communal experience that allows us to connect with each other and slow down in this fast-paced world. By cooking simple but fresh and flavourful meals I want to give people the opportunity to connect with themselves, others and their environment. 

I try to cook as seasonally and as locally as possible, but at the same time I enjoy the exploration of foreign cuisines. When I cook, I look for different flavour profiles, textures and colours, but I also believe that a dish eaten from a beautiful bowl or a plate automatically tastes better.  Applying for CASA LAWA residency is one of the biggest steps on my culinary path, because it gives me freedom to create beautiful meals in an amazingly abundant environment with creative, like-minded people. 

vilda saskia gonzalez
06 - 12 september

I am a chef, recipe developer, and creative human. I love to cook, I love to eat, I love to play, I love to dance, I love to share. My work takes many forms, from cooking private dinners, to feeding big groups on retreat, gathering strangers around the dinner table for long meandering meals, developing recipes and content for brands, teaching cooking classes, and advocating for more sustainable local food systems. The through line is constant: I believe that food should be delicious, flavorful, and indulgent, while also being deeply nourishing and inherently healthful. My mission is to rewire our collective relationship to what eating well truly means, through the lens of seasonality, sensuality, and intuitive home cooking.

My main objective at Casa Lawa is to capture the spirit of convivial play that I find most precious in preparing any meal. There will be fresh hazelnuts, late summer produce, lingering breakfast spreads, flakey flatbread, fingers sticky with honey, belly laughs, and late nights filled with the buzzing energy of new friends and flavors shared around the table.

herrlich dining hannah
18 - 25 september 

“Herrlich" is something German grandmothers would say when eating cake in the afternoon on their terrace. It's a feeling of delight and easiness that they transport through food, table concepts and service. Herrlich Dining started in Berlin a few years ago, when founders Hannah and Dee worked in hospitality. It was love at first sight when Fee double-checked Hannah’s napkin-folding techniques.

tavola mara
25 september - 8 october 

My name is Mara, and growing up as a half Sicilian my first words were ‘pane e olio’ - nowadays I still think of food all day.

Currently I work as a conceptual caterer, food stylist, recipe developer and food writer based in Amsterdam. 

I’m happiest with a big, festive set table, full of people sharing beautiful dishes. Just like my Sicilian family: they taught me that food brings people together and creates connection. My food creations are pure and seasonal - always based on vegetables, complemented with surprising ingredients such as pickled veggies or foraged herbs. It is food that needs to be enjoyed. 

My residency at Casa Lawa feels extra special to me because Sicily is my second home. Every year I return to the island and it reminds me of the fresh scents of jasmine flowers and rowdy markets with incredible produce. I’m very excited to put all my inspiration into this residency and get the opportunity to cook with the ingredients from Sicily’s fertile soil.