We bake. We paint. We ferment. Our casa fosters opportunities for dialogue and exciting new impulses.

Seeking to create a community for artists and guests, CASA LAWA provides a dynamic and unique stay that is shaped by those who visit.

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cherry festival 2.0 with
pidot + liza 02-06 july
pasta retreat with
alessandra 15-19 october

upcoming residencies in 2024

chris paxton
7-25 april

“I’m an artist + cook obsessed with dreams, cycles, spirals + flows. The black soils of Mt. Etna, olives, pistachios, grapes, rosemary + citrus are all things that have brought me to CASA LAWA.

Food for me is a way of being with the world of asking questions + coming together, of giving time + attention, an attunement to natural processes. My cooking is ordinary. It is simple. I strive for a sense of effortlessness in the sense that what's already there is usually enough, and that to honour the beauty of a piece of produce often means doing very little to it. "

yohah + meh laqa khan
28 april - 13 may

“I am Yohan, a twenty-three year old, based in Dublin, Ireland. Having grown up in India and currently being at the end of my medical school journey , slow living and the joy in things that go unnoticed has been a major part of my life. At present, while working in food social media with produducers and restaurants in Ireland, capturing passion, experiences and the people behind a meal exites me. This influences how I live and how I plan my food experiences.”
- Yohan

“I’m Mehlaqa, a dentist, gut and oral microbiome specialist nutritionist and a writer of Pakistani origin. My work is multifaceted and reflects my diverse cultural upbringing growing up in Ireland, Pakistan, Hungary and now UK.I develop recipes, write about food and hos supper clubs as well as recipe tests for chefs and cookbooks. My work draws from human connection and personal memories interlaced with my knowledge of nutrition using seasonal ingredients.”
- Mehlaqa

emma ranne + manon
14-28 may

“Hi I’m Emma, a marketing & food creative from Helsinki. I’ve felt drawn to CASA LAWA ever since hearing of it. I’m looking forward to dedicating a couple of weeks to cooking with old & new friends and am already daydreaming of Sicilian produce. My cooking style is curious, feminine and intuitive.”
- Emma

“Hi! It’s Manon. I’m a brand strategist and copywriter and firstly, a cook. Half French - half Belgia, I’m currently based in Brussels but also make and eat food in Paris and London. Emma is the one that brings me to CASA LAWA. And Sicily, it’s phenomenal late Spring produce, and the little home on Mount Etna. And also - very important - Lukas’ colour and print layering genius.” 
- Manon

26 may - 10 june

We are Jesse and Stefanie. We started out as besties and are now running a catering studio together in Amsterdam and wherever cooking brings us. With our love for things mediterranean and specific eye for aesthetics we bring people and brands classic and comfortable food and fun.”

“We have followed CASA LAWA since the beginning. The place’s location, aesthetics and fun personality makes us so happy! Cooking with fresh Sicilian produce, exciting company, strolling the local markets and taking a dip in the sea in between: what’s not to like!In our culinary future we dream of cooking and catering all over the world! Doing something fun in Korea would be goals. And having a space in Amsterdam where we can cook & host culinary events would be great.” 

adriân + barbora
9-24 june

“I’m an artist + cook obsessed with dreams, cycles, spirals + flows. The black soils of Mt. Etna, olives, pistachios, grapes, rosemary + citrus are all things that ha“Hello! I am Adriân. I come from the northern mountain region of Slovakia but I’m based in Prague for almost 7 years now. As a predominantly visual artist my primary tool is textile and sculpture. I often tend to work and gain my inspiration from folklore, mythology & rural life in general. I love mountains and mountaineering, nature in general. I consider myself a geeky music enthusiast”
- Adriân. 

“Hi, I am Barbora. Lately I live mainly in Prague but I consider my second home in Fuerteventura where I have a small house on a farm. I really love animals, dancing and collecting feathers. I work as a chef, conceptual caterer and sometimes I take care of a farm.Since I was a kid I have liked to take care of people. Food seems to me a great medium to make my loved ones (not only them) happy. When I prepare a feast, it’s not mostly about the food but about the experience. The experience of the food, the music, the table setting, the place, the light and the conversation.”
- Barbora

arlo communal
20 june - 1 july

“Hello! We are Arlo Communal. We are composed in three parts; our chef Tobi Fox started his career in refined restaurants in Sydney, Australia, and is now based in New York City. He is on a constant journey with food  - gathering extensive experience and placing this energy, knowledge and love throughout the dining and culinary aspect of Arlo. Our creative lead Cal Fernie, whose work has been defined though working in the fashion industry & creative arts is the heartbeat of Arlo’s messaging, marketing & media. His work further expands intro event management and styling which has become a faithful force in Arlo’s creative vision. Finally our Beverage & Operations director Miles Ryan, who has been connected with Australia’s natural wine community for the last 5 or so years. Miles currently works for a world class importer and takes control of our rotating wine list. He has also made wines in Europe & Australia and hopes to continue producing every year.”
Cherry Festival at Casa Lawa with Arlo CommunalItalo Disco Dinner Party in Ortigia with Arlo Communal

vivi + lilli / pidot
29 june - 15 july

"At Pidot Productions food has always been the driving force behind our life choices, from our studies to our careers.

We met at university. Lilli holds a master's degree in Home Economics (Master of Arts in Teaching), while Viivi has a degree in Food-related Behavior (Master of Science). Additionally, Lilli is a trained chef. Together, we've immersed ourselves in the study and practice of food through various restaurants, projects, and associations.

After graduating from university, we spent some time working, but we found limited options in our field that truly resonated with us. So, we decided to take matters into our own hands and create our own place!

Our background in theoretical studies on food and our interest in arts and culture has a deep influence in the process. Even if the result is a beautiful table setting, a pasta workshop or a dinner, the process always contains a lot of analyses and conversations on for example aesthetics or even politics. And that’s what we really enjoy!"
- Vivi + lilli

maxime + molly
15-29 july

“Hello! I’m Maxine and I’m an artist based in Toronto, Canada. I love to draw and paint and focus a lot of my work on food, wine and community. I love to paint with lots of freedom, colour and movement. Food and wine are almost always present too! The first time I painted on a canvas larger than me, everything clicked! Making a colourful still life overwhelming in size brought the painting to life. I’m really proud that I can make art my living and still love it as much as I do. I’m so grateful to be able to have new experiences like visiting CASA LAWA that keep ”
- Maxime

“I’m Molly. I Live in Detroit, Mi. I ran a diner for 9 years on the eastside of the city and I now devote my time to building a cooking and eating program for an after school program. Through food I am able to channel my inner world into something physical. I access joy through the process. I also can’t imagine an existence that doesn’t revolve around berry season.

I would define my cooking style as spontaneous and ingredient driven. I have training as a baker so that plays into things as well. I am proud of creating a diverse and intuiting space for people in my community to enjoy food and their friends and neighbours.”
- Molly

3-18 september

"My name is Barney, I’m a creative working with food, art & writing with a focus on food futures, querying consumption & foraging & fermenting as social resistance. I believe food in its ubiquity, transcends language as a medium of universal communication. As such, I apply it artistically to translate my research into queer theory & ecology. Food is about what we eat, it’s who we are. Every meal tells a story, from fast foods to foraged feasts. Focusing on this can make eating into an artistic journey to share with its consumers. 

I’ve been a big fan of CASA LAWA & the range of culinary creatives, and I can’t wait to join your roster."
- Barney